A – Z happiness from the ramblings of a happy man – C

C – Clarity

Knowledge of yourself.

Be sure – be sure you want what you wish for, be aware life will throw changes you desire in your life. Changes in your focus – changes in your wants, needs, and desires.

You may be fooled to think you need more than you do, but want you want is not what you NEED. Need is about your soul, what does your sole desire?

Love, freedom, happiness and peace of mind is what after thorough inspection and retrospection I really desired.

Where are you headed now?
Are you really chasing your real happiness, or just a corporate recorded dream ?
Are you following the pack, are you truly following the path that is YOUR path?

Success is happiness – if you are not happy – are you really suiccessful ?

Ask yourself some searching questions.

Try it.

From today ! Be yourself, it is fun.

Good luck, as ever, Simon Hamer #happiness #happy


A – Z of happiness from the ramblings of a happy man

B – Balance

Is your life in balance?

It is easy to spot when your life is not in balance, you rush around every day and always seem too short of time, and never truly feel that you are in control. Next, there are feelings of stress. Another sign is excessive road rage. Do you get to family events, do you see your kids, or your parents? What about friends, fun, hobbies and time for exercise, do you get what you consider the normal amount for your needs?

So what to do to correct it?

For a full month, log down at the end of the day on a pad, what you have spent your time doing and which bits you would like to remove or alter if you had the choice.

As you do the log, write any helpful suggestions immediately by them, if you come up with an idea to correct the situation. The suggestions, try a differing contrasting pen colour so it stands out when you look back later.

At the end of a month, do a full review and see what you can do to make your life more YOUR LIFE, and not just the life that you are living.

Think of your life as a wheel, the spokes all need to be the same length for the wheel to roll smoothly along the road of life. Which spokes need shortening (given less focus or less time) and which spokes need lengthening (given more focus or more thought and time).

Good luck, I’ll write the next one later in the week.

Happiness A – Z from the mind ramblings of a happy man

A – Acceptance

Life is a wonderful gift, that is not always fully appreciated by those of us who are lucky enough to reside in a civilised country. Life still throws us challenges, but it is quite usual to allow these challenges to stop or reduce our feelings of happiness.

Acceptance of your life as it is, without the craving for more, less or change is the bedrock of the permanent state of happiness.

I’m saying that the more we can accept ot our present life as normal, the easier it is to feel happy. I understand that accepting problems, difficulties and stress in our lives is not simple, it is a task that requires mastery through daily efforts in the way we think about our lives. Hopefully, the B – Z will help you through mastering this process.

Enough for today, I’ll post B a little later this week.

Good luck, here’s to your future increased happiness.

On Valentine’s Day

A few words that could make your life as blessed as mine.

If you are not sure if you love someone or not, you do not, just accept that and be grateful you dodged a bullet.Image

I had several near misses with several lovely ladies but they were not right for me.

Deep down inside, because I always knew I needed and wanted a life long partner, I wanted to believe I could make these relationships work. Thankfully, I looked to Mum and Dad as examples and knew I was kidding myself.

Don’t kid yourself, just realize if you have doubts those doubts are real.

I’ve never doubted my love for my lovely wife.

Find someone that completes you and you complete them, and enjoy life.

Thinking differently

In today’s society it is often considered a weakness to help or show kindness towards other people.

Is it ?

Is helping others a weakness ?

If you do not like the way that our country is headed, decide why you think we are headed in that direction. I’m not going to make out I have the answers, but I do know I’m not part of the problem.

So, let’s just stop for a minute and think about our future.

Can we truly continue to build a society that does not automatically look after its elderly through use of the family structure? Youth unemployment, do we need to try and educate those that really do not wish to study, or should we encourage them to produce goods and services through vocational study in a work environment? Do we put too much emphasis on things and not on enough on relationships and family ?

All of these things we think we take for granted, but do we? When you last considered a career move, what hours did you commit to occupying for your employer?

I am a little concerned, I think that we have lost a focus on what matters most in life.

As I said in an earlier post, I often get asked what I do, but I have never been asked what I contribute?

Surely what I contribute to society is more important than what I earn?

Ask yourself these questions?

Am I happy?

What difference do I make in life?

Is my life in balance?

Do my family know that I love them, what have I done to show them?

Do I run my finances in a way that sustains the family in the long term, or am I just going through the motions?

Work, am I passionate about what I do ?

I do not have answers for today’s society. I do believe that more concentration needs to be headed towards a life that is simple and affordable, built around a close family and a set of values that we are all proud of and a little less emphasis on things and a lot more on looking after each other.

So let’s try and help someone else today, and yes it can be done with very little and sometimes even without cost.