A – Z of happiness from the ramblings of a happy man

B – Balance

Is your life in balance?

It is easy to spot when your life is not in balance, you rush around every day and always seem too short of time, and never truly feel that you are in control. Next, there are feelings of stress. Another sign is excessive road rage. Do you get to family events, do you see your kids, or your parents? What about friends, fun, hobbies and time for exercise, do you get what you consider the normal amount for your needs?

So what to do to correct it?

For a full month, log down at the end of the day on a pad, what you have spent your time doing and which bits you would like to remove or alter if you had the choice.

As you do the log, write any helpful suggestions immediately by them, if you come up with an idea to correct the situation. The suggestions, try a differing contrasting pen colour so it stands out when you look back later.

At the end of a month, do a full review and see what you can do to make your life more YOUR LIFE, and not just the life that you are living.

Think of your life as a wheel, the spokes all need to be the same length for the wheel to roll smoothly along the road of life. Which spokes need shortening (given less focus or less time) and which spokes need lengthening (given more focus or more thought and time).

Good luck, I’ll write the next one later in the week.


Thinking About Grief

One for those who have lost someone close to them.

Sight of the Stars

I am, and let’s just start by saying this because it should be said from the beginning, absolutely terrible at keeping blogs.  Absolutely terrible.  There, forewarned is forearmed.

My brother died almost two and a half years ago.  The event has completely reshaped my life.  Luke is on my mind now all the time; he is the first thought when I wake up, the last thought before I sleep.  I feel constantly compelled to tell people around me that I haven’t forgotten him.  It’s like I’m afraid of their judgement: if I don’t remind them that Luke’s loss is still prevalent, they will think I’m selfish and wrapped completely in the progression of my own life.  But I can’t talk about him too much, because the flip side of that coin is that people might then think I’m not dealing with my grief, that my mental health might not be…

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Smile – this writer has humour !

Dispatches from a grape nut


I was listening to the radio while still in bed last weekend and they were talking about how, in the year 775, gamma rays blasted the earth with a heavy dose of radiation.

How did they figure this out, the interviewer asked? It wasn’t from eye-witness accounts, because people wouldn’t have even noticed it.

It also wasn’t from catastrophic damage caused by the radiation, because it didn’t plunge the world into a nuclear winter, nor did it blow away the ozone layer or cause people to grow extra limbs, so there was little evidence of it even happening.

Turns out the scientists found clues by looking at tree rings. And then, in order to find an answer to this, they determined it was caused by two black holes that had collided with each other.

Er, what?

Despite these explanations, I still don’t understand how they figured out that this happened…

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Jeff Haden – One of the world’s best mentors

Jeff Haden – One of the world’s best mentors

Absolutely loved this article.

Over the years, I feel as if I’ve been so blessed. Reading the article, it is a fact !

Here’s why, my parents were adults, they were also “wheels that were round, not lumpy”

What I mean by that is that they lived a balanced life together, and Mum still tries to live her life in balance after the passing of Dad. Why so lucky, most people chase certain things, or a certain way of life, Dad just wanted to make Mum happy, and Mum just wanted to make Dad happy. Guess what the result was, they were both happy.

Guess the bi-product…. as the lucky loved kids (Diane and I), we were both happy too.

What is the legacy, I’m happily married, and my sister is happily married. What a gift you leave your kids when you truly commit to another person to create a life of love.

Here’s the other part, all four of us give our time freely to help others. Yes, we enjoy it, and we choose how we do it, I’m not doing it to say look what I’ve done, I’m doing it because helping others is fun. Guess where we learned that … Mum and Dad.

Years after Dad died I was still hearing, your Dad did …. I’d no idea he had, he just did it and enjoyed it. We recently went to the funeral of Dad’s dear friend Albert Winter, he spent his life doing the same … and received an MBE for these services to others.

I suppose my point is, I’m so lucky to just be me, and I’m grateful for it, but how many people can admit the same. There’s so much nonsense pushed upon us, you need this, you must attain this … no the secret to life is to live it … and enjoy every challenge, obstacle and event.

I am happy

If you are not, start loving your nearest and dearest as if nothing else matters and see what happens.