I’m a career morph, probably the most adaptable person most people will ever have the fun of getting to know. Easy going, love to help, work from home, and understand that your perception by others is a large factor in your success and happiness. Happy to help real friends with FREE social media assistance. See LinkedIn profile for proof.

I will accept a limited number of paid consultancy contracts to build brands and accept delegated social media duties.

Seeking equity shares in new or accelerating projects.

Offering full social media management, from brand creation, strategy, analysis, staff training, blogging and updates on social media changes.

★ Social Media Strategist
★ Social Media Management
Visibility Extremist
★ Personal branding expert

★ Land Owner
★ Bank Manager Personal Banking
★ National Trainer for a Debt Counselling franchise.
★ Recruitment for the FSB
Director Telecommunications Sales and Sales Team recruitment and leadership
★ Network Marketing International Professional
★ Plastic Injection Moulding Supervision
★ Director Steel Industry

Member of these groups
★ Top Recommended People
★ Exceptional Recommended Individuals
★ Friends of LinkedIn

Expertise on LinkedIn Q & A is founded on a broad base.
★ Using LinkedIn
★ Business Development
★ MORE than 60 other categories

Social networking, Social Media management, Social Promotion, Social Media Consulting, Social Media Strategy, WordPress, Branding, Trend-Spotting, Media Relations, Blogging, Viral Marketing, Media Training, New Business Development, Digital Marketing, SEM, Guerilla Marketing, Public Relations, Podcasts, Wikis, Widgets, Twitter, LinkedIn, Naymz, Brijj, Ecademy, Blip.fm, collaboration, synergy, seeing alternative ways to complete a task, adaptability, visibility

Recommendations (full details on LinkedIn profile)

“Simon came into my view a couple of years ago when he began taking part in the Q&A on LinkedIn. I think he got everyone’s attention as a fellow with a positive and happy nature. He has a consistency with that – it’s who he is. A few months after we first met, I was working on a fundraising project and he stepped up to the plate and helped me from a distance on it. That got my attention and was the beginning of truly understanding that this is a man of strong character and soul. Simon is one who “puts his money where his mouth is” so to speak and will deliver even more than he says he will. It’s a pleasure having Simon Hamer as a part of my network.” April 29, 2010
Mary Lascelles , Moving Coordinator/Relocation Director , Moving Links 4 You

“The best way to describe Simon Hamer is to say he’s a strategic thinker, progressive leader, dynamic individual and a solid business professional that knows how to maximize relationships and get people to proactively move forward! In the skills of Social Networking and “Paying It Forward” Simon is a true pioneer and a cornerstone of success. He comes highly recommended by me because he is a person who gives back to various social communities such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in ways I could have never imagined he would when we first connected. He’s been instrumental in working with me to strengthen Inspiring Alliance’s social footprint, and is key to our success in growth of numbers (audience) and awareness (our message). Simon works on multiple projects at any given time, and is a high energy go-to person when you want to work with a professional who provides in-depth thought on social media and related promotional activities. If you are looking for someone to assist your company in developing and implementing strong social media systems to establish and achieve higher levels of recognition, this would be the man to contact. I feel fortunate to have been asked to be a part of his network, and I look forward to continuing to partner with him in the future. I deeply believe that Simon’s genuine compassion for others and his winning personally is a tremendous asset in any business or networking venture! Thank you, Simon, for caring to the needs of http://www.inspiringalliance.org – our service members and veterans appreciate you as much as I do!!!” April 11, 2009 Ruth Adkins

“Simon is a true expert in the field of Social Networking. He is fantastic to work with and a lot of fun. He obviously loves what he does and he is getting brilliant results for us. Anybody who is looking for somebody to support them in their social networking should speak to him.” April 9, 2009 Wendy Taylor

“Simon is passionate about helping people, very friendly guy and someone you would want on your side” July 30, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value
Steve Williams

“Simon is one of those people who goes out of his way to make things happen. Simon is spoken of very highly by others and puts his heart and soul into everything that he does. Simon Started Visibility Extremist with a vision of assisting others to achieve their dreams and goals. I have engaged Simon to take on my social media marketing and within 24 hours of him taking over, the results were outstanding, I went from a twitter account with 10 people following to an account with over 350 people following. From here the account kept growing and growing and growing. The people who did follow where people who were interested in what I was twittering about, this then made it easy to turn these followers into lifelong paying customers. The expertise and Knowledge that Simon demonstrates definitely gets results. I highly recommend engaging Simon to handle all your Social Media Marketing.” July 17, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
Stacey Huish hired Simon as a Business Consultant in 2009

“I have had only brief contact with Simon, but they have made profound differences in my understanding of online networking. Too much online networking is a numbers games, however, Simon understands the big picture, in particular the quality side of the online networking equation.” March 30, 2009
David Cooper (cooper@itsportsnet.com) , President , ITSportsNet
was with another company when working with Simon at Visibility Extremist

“Simon is a thoroughly knowledgeable person who is not only willing to share knowledge, but also do it with grace, style and supreme professionalism. I recommend Simon as a business associate who will bring to his work the same professionalism he has shown me and many others. Melinda M. Sorensson” February 11, 2009
Melinda Sorensson , President , Sorensson and Sons
was with another company when working with Simon at Visibility Extremist

“Great to be part of Simon’s trusted network! Always a pleasure to be professionally associated with a consummate professional like you! Highly recommend to all others. Thank you.” February 3, 2009
Steven Burda, MBA , Founder & President , Burda Consulting Co.
was with another company when working with Simon at Visibility Extremist

“Simon is an extremely talented and professional business man, a warm, friendly and loyal co-worker + a great networker, who really understands the concept of “Winning by Sharing” in any networking and/or business constellation! Highly recommended!!” September 22, 2008
Tina Jonasen , Partner and share holder , Worlddect Ltd.
worked directly with Simon at Worlddect

“Simon is a true Linkediner! He is always quick with an answer… or a joke to bright up your day. You should add him to your contacts or get him some really profitable jobs… or both.” September 19, 2008
Ana María Piza , Owner / Interpreter / Translator. Propietaria / Intérprete / Traductora. , Communica Translation and Interpretation Freelance Services

“I have worked with and for Simon on several projects and if anyone asked me if I knew anyone who could help them with their business or the creation of residual income Simon would be the first person to come to mind. A person could not fault Simon as a business associate or as a good friend.” August 28, 2008
Mike Brunet-Burgess , Owner , ARKAD Enterprises
was a consultant or contractor to Simon at Worlddect

“Simon is someone who is very approachable, friendly and helpful. Has a wonderful family with a lovely wife and children, they are a credit to him. Have found Simon to be very supportive and has helped me a lot in the past. Won’t do or ask anything that he wouldn’t do himself.” November 14, 2007
Malcolm Charlaw , Site Team Leader , EDS GFS
worked directly with Simon at Worlddect

“Simon is a man of great integrity. Unlike so many marketers, Simon has always resisted the temptation to exaggerate or mislead. His core values are solid. His word is good.” November 15, 2007
Thomas Tait , Ambassador , Nourish the Children
worked with Simon at Nutrition for Life International

“Simon is a very enthusiastic motivator and skilled sales force recruiter. As Sales Director at Linctel during the start-up phase of the company, Simon was instrumental in building the sales team that was the foundation of the company’s early growth.” September 12, 2008
John Kirk , CEO , Linctel Ltd
worked directly with Simon at Linctel Ltd

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