Thinking differently

In today’s society it is often considered a weakness to help or show kindness towards other people.

Is it ?

Is helping others a weakness ?

If you do not like the way that our country is headed, decide why you think we are headed in that direction. I’m not going to make out I have the answers, but I do know I’m not part of the problem.

So, let’s just stop for a minute and think about our future.

Can we truly continue to build a society that does not automatically look after its elderly through use of the family structure? Youth unemployment, do we need to try and educate those that really do not wish to study, or should we encourage them to produce goods and services through vocational study in a work environment? Do we put too much emphasis on things and not on enough on relationships and family ?

All of these things we think we take for granted, but do we? When you last considered a career move, what hours did you commit to occupying for your employer?

I am a little concerned, I think that we have lost a focus on what matters most in life.

As I said in an earlier post, I often get asked what I do, but I have never been asked what I contribute?

Surely what I contribute to society is more important than what I earn?

Ask yourself these questions?

Am I happy?

What difference do I make in life?

Is my life in balance?

Do my family know that I love them, what have I done to show them?

Do I run my finances in a way that sustains the family in the long term, or am I just going through the motions?

Work, am I passionate about what I do ?

I do not have answers for today’s society. I do believe that more concentration needs to be headed towards a life that is simple and affordable, built around a close family and a set of values that we are all proud of and a little less emphasis on things and a lot more on looking after each other.

So let’s try and help someone else today, and yes it can be done with very little and sometimes even without cost.


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