Top Solar States

Statistics on each individual states energy production through solar energy in USA

rethink. renew. revive.

After looking into the development of renewable energy infrastructures around the world, I’d like to take a closer look at our own progress here at home.  Which states are ramping up the clean energy production, and how?

Let’s look at the top 5 States for Solar Energy, photovoltaic and otherwise:

1. California – 1032.7 MW

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see California at the top of this list.  The state is well-known for its progressive energy policies and one of the most aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standards of any state (target of reaching 33% renewable by 2020).  California has doubled the amount of solar capacity since 2009, and is set to increase it another 400 megawatts with the massive new 400 Ivanpah solar thermal plant coming online this year.  The Ivanpah plant is a unique array in the desert which directs the heat of the sun towards one of three towers, where…

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Time to start being responsible? The daily rant

With the ever increasing costs of power there will be more and more use for services and products that monitor and feedback our usage and consumption of energy. With the fluffy first 10 years of this century, we convinced ourselves money just fell out from anywhere we demanded and expected it to come from, reality check, we now need to start being responsible for our lives. Enough of expecting others to do it for us, and relying on handouts. Perhaps people will soon realize it is OK to switch off a light, put on extra clothing, or even just stop wasting money and complaining about it.

Yes, I know there are general issues and problems out there, and many are short of money, but when you see people filling up at one petrol station, when the one across the road sells diesel at cheaper prices you have to ask yourself who is at at fault for them being short of money.

Then you get these morons that accelerate and brake repeatedly in traffic queues, and drive right behind you in icy conditions. One of these stupid idiots has just rammed my business partner in a traffic queue, she’d 6 points on her licence already, and was 26 years of age and drove a BMW. enough said. She was more about image than use of intelligence. Safe to drive?

Off the soap box, soon !
Yesterday I took Mike to the neck specialist, as he has still to get his vehicle returned following and interruption in his life by the stupid BMW driver. On the way, the sat nav took us down snowy side streets… at school leaving time.

Parents, “stop walking your young kids down the roads, getting hit by a car is more dangerous than them falling over”.

Drivers “If you want to talk on your mobile phone, please stop first, then after you’ve stopped and got out of your car to have a fag, don’t stand in the road, stand on the pavement. You just became a pedestrian when you got out of your car”

Children “Don’t run in and out of traffic, we allow all form of morons to drive, one of them will happily snap your bones” … and most likely will not be insured.

If you think I’m exaggerating, I’m not, one of my friends wives was driven into as a pedestrian and is lucky to be alive. The pointer of the car (driver seems a bit of stretch, since you are supposed to keep the car under control as a driver) will probably feel sorry for a few months, my friend’s wife will suffer for the rest of her life, because they refused to drive responsibly.

China is buying up a third of the world’s solar panels

Looks like there will a sun rising in the east for solar power.


China has long been the world’s supplier of low-cost solar panels, and now it’s a major market for them, too. According to research firm NPD’s SolarBuzz report, in the last quarter of 2012 China bought up 33 percent of the world’s solar panel supply.

In contrast, two years prior China accounted for less than 10 percent of the world’s solar panel sales. The shift is a combo of slowing sales in Europe and strong subsidies for solar panels in China.

NPD SolarBuzzSelling solar panels into China is a bit different than selling them to European or U.S. markets. NPD analyst Michael Barker, says:

“The Chinese end-market has different module supplier preferences, pricing expectations, and routes to market. However, threatened by the impact of global trade barriers, the biggest challenge will fall on Chinese manufacturers that are restricted to domestic demand only.”

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