Top Solar States

Statistics on each individual states energy production through solar energy in USA

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After looking into the development of renewable energy infrastructures around the world, I’d like to take a closer look at our own progress here at home.  Which states are ramping up the clean energy production, and how?

Let’s look at the top 5 States for Solar Energy, photovoltaic and otherwise:

1. California – 1032.7 MW

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see California at the top of this list.  The state is well-known for its progressive energy policies and one of the most aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standards of any state (target of reaching 33% renewable by 2020).  California has doubled the amount of solar capacity since 2009, and is set to increase it another 400 megawatts with the massive new 400 Ivanpah solar thermal plant coming online this year.  The Ivanpah plant is a unique array in the desert which directs the heat of the sun towards one of three towers, where…

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Pet hates – lack of data cleansing

What is wrong with these companies that sell you their products and services and then call you again and again to sell you the same thing again, within months?

Answer – they do not cleanse their data.

I’ve had solar panels installed, and since installed the same company has rung me 4 times to attempt to sell me solar power.

Each time I have told them to take me off the sales list, and put us on to the sold list.
Every time their staff, 4 different ones have told me they will do so.

Well, here’s the thing, after 3 failed attempts I don’t believe them.
So I am going to consider whether I should name and shame them, I think it is the least I can do.
Why ?
Firstly, it is a complete waste of their time and money, and someone running telesales needs a serious kick up the rear end.

Secondly we had a serious issue with the instillation which should have been sorted before it was installed, and because of a truly ignorant scaffolding company, I had to use all my years of negotiating skills to bring the situation where it was barely acceptable to us.

Thirdly the scaffolding company walks in your pond and smashes garden chairs by throwing the the scaffolding fixings on to the lawn, some of which are still here, as they took no care where they threw them.

Before you think I’m acting out of anger the panels were fitted in early May.
It is just this fourth call to try and sell me solar power again, just adds insult to a very bad experience.

So I will now forward the blog to the aforementioned (not yet mentioned) company and if they ring again, I will edit this blog to name them.

Rant over – come on people – clean your data bases before annoying your customers !