#Facebook #ritetag #hashtag

#Facebook #ritetag #hashtag

Facebook introduces hash tags use !

If you are using social media you will need to be aware of these effects of this on your SEO, SMM and SEM


What Makes a Successful SOcial Media Campaign?

Useful to clarify your thought processes

SO! What? SOcial.

How is a social media campaign best executed?

This infographic below created by Cox Blue highlights some of the universal components of a successful social media marketing campaign. What are your thoughts in regards to this infographic?

What makes a successful social media campaign?

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Move Over Pinterest, Along Comes Polyvore [infographic] | Social …

Next big thing possibly ?

Manlio Mannozzi

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A study from 8thBridge said that, though Pinterest had some of the highest adoption rate among hot brands, it provided the lowest sales conversions. Still another asked the question of whether Pinterest could be the next …

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Social Media Use, abuse and neglect

I’ve just been on to LinkedIn to answer questions, I try and do a couple every day to maintain a presence on Questions and Answers on Linked In. Some of the self promotion in people’s profiles, and blatant SEO abuse is quite amusing and it got me thinking. I did a bit of research before posting this and thought my findings were worthy of reporting them to you.


I looked at one guys profile and amazingly he says he’s had loads of clients but he managed to say the same thing about his work with them about 30 times, copied and pasted, and about 20 lines each to maximize his SEO.  So he gets found, he hopes. However if you looked at his profile, what does it say about his work, that he would do for you? Has he thought at all about his perception to others, does he understand that marketing himself is about the image created by that marketing, as well as extreme visibility.

I’ve been looking at another’s profile because I’m always willing to learn from others. The guy thought he was great, he’d said as much on his profile. Numbers and stats, and in other words “I’m wonderful”.In view of his social media occupation you’d expect his klout score to be above 60, but I checked and it was not, so you wonder if he can’t get his above 60, what is he going to do for your reputation.


Yes, I’ve got a “bee in my bonnet” about social media training, it see it as just such a huge waste of money as within months the social media market place has shifted. See my last blog for two examples.


I’m curious how many of you actually offline market your online profiles ?

What you on about Simon ? I hear you ask.

Well I built up a bands followers on twitter, I liked the bassist and we’re become friends, so I ghosted their twitter account building their followers to the glass ceiling, and then passed it back to them. I gave them written instructions on how to engage with their followers, the main bit being TWEET daily. I also said put one of their social media profiles on their handout literature, marketing and PR material. They did neither and many of their twitter followers gradually drifted away.

If people follow a band they want to hear about the band.


Getting the balance right in your exposure volume is a key issue.

To summarize

Don’t shout out too loudly, unless you are accurate, just in case people research the truth about you.

Don’t play too many games with numbers and strategies to gain advantage, just be yourself on social media, if they see you as you are…. they will come.

Don’t forget the social bit, if they don’t hear from you because you neglect them, they may wander off elsewhere.

Some tips on social media on YouTubeImage, nothing earth shattering but these tips have worked for me.