LinkedIn – some great stats that you should know

LinkedIn – some great stats that you should know

Nice article from Forbes.


Tips about the use of Polls


Sleep – how to sleep better and make life more simple

Sleep – how to sleep better and make life more simple

Written by Jeff Haden and posted on LinkedIn.

If you are feeling stressed there’s a lot of useful tips in here.

For running a business, being an entrepreneur, as a company director, even as a Mum and Dad, there is a great wealth of common sense that we all forget in this article.


Enjoy, have a great weekend !

LinkedIn alters its UI

LinkedIn has dropped some services, and added a few reading services.

Here’s a snapshot written by LinkedIn, but please ignore the “Signal” link that will disappear on 29th July 2013.



LinkedIn continues to evolve

From 29th July “Signal” a search facility on LinkedIn will disappear.

I quite like the new “megaphone” feature, where LinkedIn invites inluencers such as top leaders and trainers to talk about a topic. Recently “What inspires me” was the topic.

If you need some help try one of the online seminars that LinkedIn run



Thin threads that grew stronger – a continuing story

Delighted to have properly introduced two great friends online.

Saul Fleischman and Shirley Williams





I know “What Inspires Me” but what inspires you?

In my life it is about relationships and leaving a set of legacies that can hopefully inspire my kids to live a life as happy as mine.

I mostly enjoy helping and seeing individuals thrive through creativity and hard work.

On LinkedIn they are running a “What inspires me” megaphone, see what you can find that resonates for you. There are 60 leaders writing their opinions of what inspires them.



The imminent death of paper CV’s

The imminent death of paper CV’s.