LinkedIn – some great stats that you should know

LinkedIn – some great stats that you should know

Nice article from Forbes.


Tips about the use of Polls


Sleep – how to sleep better and make life more simple

Sleep – how to sleep better and make life more simple

Written by Jeff Haden and posted on LinkedIn.

If you are feeling stressed there’s a lot of useful tips in here.

For running a business, being an entrepreneur, as a company director, even as a Mum and Dad, there is a great wealth of common sense that we all forget in this article.


Enjoy, have a great weekend !

LinkedIn continues to evolve

From 29th July “Signal” a search facility on LinkedIn will disappear.

I quite like the new “megaphone” feature, where LinkedIn invites inluencers such as top leaders and trainers to talk about a topic. Recently “What inspires me” was the topic.

If you need some help try one of the online seminars that LinkedIn run


I know “What Inspires Me” but what inspires you?

In my life it is about relationships and leaving a set of legacies that can hopefully inspire my kids to live a life as happy as mine.

I mostly enjoy helping and seeing individuals thrive through creativity and hard work.

On LinkedIn they are running a “What inspires me” megaphone, see what you can find that resonates for you. There are 60 leaders writing their opinions of what inspires them.