How a blog and a LinkedIn profile add up to a new job

Interesting concept for creating visibility and securing a brand, suggest a WordPress blog if you decide to give this a try.

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Are you out job hunting, or just wondering if you should be? Here are a few steps that can help you if you want either social media, writing, blogging, or content in any form to be part of your job:

First, start blogging

Nearly 11 months ago I started this blog with the main aim to start writing because all I’d done was keep a diary about our son for over two years. By that time, I was ready to look for a new challenge.

After writing a couple of posts I started sharing them on Twitter. Then I went a bit crazy and got accounts for nearly everything I could hook up to my blog so I could automate sharing in different places. Blogging and writing are popular with my fellow bloggers on, but the best results in terms of sharing and replies to my ‘business’ posts have been on Twitter and…

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SMBs perceive LinkedIn as most beneficial social media tool …

CEO’s network on LinkedIn – where there’s a lot of action and a little less “white noise”

Manlio Mannozzi


A survey of small business CEOs by The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International found that LinkedIn is perceived as being the most beneficial social media tool.

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Is there a tool to analyze my LinkedIn connections?

Great tool for analyzing your LinkedIn contacts / connections.

I’m trying to understand in what categories I’m stronger and what companies I can reach out to through my connections. I have 500+ on my network and am really keen on a tool that help me to better understand them.

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