Five Ways to Use LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing

Start with end in mind, plan meticulously and always be ever present on the site visit daily, or at least twice weekly. Seek out a smile or humour where you can find it. ūüėČ


LinkedIn endorsements – why I’ve done an about turn

Another post from one of the “Top recommended People” group on LinkedIn, featuring Endorsements

Dorothy Dalton

DD LI EndorsementsWhen LinkedIn rolled out their skill endorsement programme¬†my immediate reaction was not positive.¬†¬† My inner voice said ‚ÄúTacky, superficial, transactional.¬†Tapping into the worst aspects of social media interaction and white noise,¬†akin to Facebook ‚Äúlikes‚ÄĚ and Twitter Follow Fridays.¬† There was no way to quantify the scope or quality¬†of¬†any endorsement and it all seemed like a silly popularity contest.¬†¬†¬†They are no substitute for a¬†detailed and thought out Recommendation from a colleague or superior, ¬†who actually¬†knows¬†the work of the person involved and can genuinely reference that particular¬†quality.

Downward trend?

It’s hard to know why LinkedIn followed this trend. I can only assume that advertising revenue is correlated to member engagement and page views.   This is one way of generating inter-connectivity via the alerts which appear on your LinkedIn dashboard, in your updates and as an email.

The other is that apparently as many as 60% of profiles on LinkedIn are incomplete,  making it difficult…

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