Five Ways to Use LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing

Start with end in mind, plan meticulously and always be ever present on the site visit daily, or at least twice weekly. Seek out a smile or humour where you can find it. 😉


Is there a tool to analyze my LinkedIn connections?

Great tool for analyzing your LinkedIn contacts / connections.

I’m trying to understand in what categories I’m stronger and what companies I can reach out to through my connections. I have 500+ on my network and am really keen on a tool that help me to better understand them.

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Enhance Your Site with Post Formats

Options on blogging. Worth a read if you like to vary the opinion of your posts.

The Blog

A simple way to add visual variety to your site’s front page is to publish your content using Post Formats. Over 50 of our themes support Post Formats, which means they can display various types of content — including images, videos, quotes, links, audio, and short snippets called “asides” — with different formatting, adding subtle but nice touches to your site.

The types of Post Formats you can choose from depends on your theme. To see what Post Formats your current theme supports, go to Posts » Add New in the dashboard and look for a Format module on the right, with various options like the one below:

Format Module

Using Post Formats is optional — if your theme supports them, you don’t have to use them, since the default (standard) format works well with any content you publish. Using Post Formats is also free: you don’t need to purchase the custom…

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8 Tips on Writing by Paulo Coelho

8 Tips on Writing by Paulo Coelho.


The simplest way in life to do well, is to learn from those who have also done well. Sometimes a few thoughts can complete your thought process to power you forward.

I’m in the process of writing a book and like most first time authors I’m a little cautious. Should I be?

Perhaps not, read these simple tips to help you thrive as a writer, author or journalist.

Open Education IV: How to post lectures/talks online

Vimeo still is not as popular as it deserves to be, the resolution of the video is superb for a free platform.


Next post, I will deal with one of the main barriers to the implementation of blended learning: the fear that providing online content will lead to a drop in student lecture attendance or performance.  However, the other side of the coin is that the academics who populate our universities simply do not want to have to learn new technologies to use in their teaching.  In a bizarre state of affairs, those researchers who are at the forefront of the most technological fields consider themselves incapable of learning a basic piece of software.  I’m going to try to make it clear how easy these tools can be to use, so that there are no such excuses!  All of these examples will be based around the provision of online lecture recordings.

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