Enjoying the Simple things in life

I’ve been mucking out with a friend today building a shelter for his egg laying birds. I thought I’d hate the muck, but I soon forgot about it, and the only thing that reminded me I was due elsewhere was a raving hunger. A bumped head, but still a fun three hours wading in mud.


Mud and SnowWhen do we lose our ability to ignore dirt and discomfort?

As a child and a young person, weather was fascinating to me and I enjoyed being out in it, regardless of temperature, force, or destruction.   

I have distinct memories of scampering around the woodlands of  our farm in the “dead of winter”, as they say.   I don’t recall being particularly bothered by the temperature, the wind, or the snow.  Snow fascinated me … its consistency, its pliability, its taste … I could not get enough of the white stuff.

I remember being terribly disappointed when I was forced by time or parental directive to go back inside, even when my clothes were wet from sloshing through some half-frozen stream or “skating” on one of our stock ponds.

Rain was something to absorb, and not something to avoid.  Standing on a small hill as a roaring thunderstorm…

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House Prices

We have 2.47 million registered unemployed in the UK.


We have a banking credit supply crisis, in that the banks cannot find enough money to lend.


Mortgage take up are at lowly levels, worst for several months. As the government tightens the spending to redress the reckless over spending of our previous government prices will fall further because unemployment will increase.

Yet still we have this nonsense that people believe they can ask much higher prices for houses than they’re likely to achieve in a sale. So my advice to a seller reduce your price now to catch one of the few sellers.

Be ready for another drop in house prices, there is not sufficient demand to support the present prices.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is and reduced the cost of my late Uncle’s bungalow by £15,000.
Interested to hear your opinions.