£5m for Students’ Green Fund

£5m for Students’ Green Fund.


Beware of Greenwashing: Green-Living with Confidence

Green Living 4 Live

What is Greenwashing?
Greenwashing refers to how companies take advantage of consumers with false or misleading claims about their products being environmentally and personally safe. They make claims about being “green” or “environmentally clean”-or even…

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Deep sea bacteria could provide breakthroughs for solar panels

Solar starting to get into the news.


Bacteria that live almost a mile under the surface of the ocean, where light is scare, have adapted biological ways to harness tiny amounts of light very efficiently, and in some cases can use photosynthesis to convert 100 percent of the light they find into electricity. In contrast a typical solar panel commonly converts around 15 percent of sunlight into electricity.

Now researchers at the University of Cambridge are studying the light-harvesting proteins of the deep sea Green Sulfur Bacteria to see if they can provide breakthroughs for solar energy and other electricity devices. The research is in an area called quantum biology, and the scientists say it falls outside of ‘classical’ physics, and into quantum physics.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 9.01.10 AM

Organisms that do photosynthesis use a network of pigments held in place by protein structures, or what scientists call pigment-protein complexes, where electrons are harvested. In many organisms as the electrons move through…

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Pet hates – lack of data cleansing

What is wrong with these companies that sell you their products and services and then call you again and again to sell you the same thing again, within months?

Answer – they do not cleanse their data.

I’ve had solar panels installed, and since installed the same company has rung me 4 times to attempt to sell me solar power.

Each time I have told them to take me off the sales list, and put us on to the sold list.
Every time their staff, 4 different ones have told me they will do so.

Well, here’s the thing, after 3 failed attempts I don’t believe them.
So I am going to consider whether I should name and shame them, I think it is the least I can do.
Why ?
Firstly, it is a complete waste of their time and money, and someone running telesales needs a serious kick up the rear end.

Secondly we had a serious issue with the instillation which should have been sorted before it was installed, and because of a truly ignorant scaffolding company, I had to use all my years of negotiating skills to bring the situation where it was barely acceptable to us.

Thirdly the scaffolding company walks in your pond and smashes garden chairs by throwing the the scaffolding fixings on to the lawn, some of which are still here, as they took no care where they threw them.

Before you think I’m acting out of anger the panels were fitted in early May.
It is just this fourth call to try and sell me solar power again, just adds insult to a very bad experience.

So I will now forward the blog to the aforementioned (not yet mentioned) company and if they ring again, I will edit this blog to name them.

Rant over – come on people – clean your data bases before annoying your customers !

Storing your DNA for future generations – Space Colony Earth


Plans to Safeguard the Planet and Humanity Announced

Naperville, IL – What do a network of secure underground facilities, a lunar lander, and a starship have in common? They are all part of an historic plan to ensure the future survival of humanity.

The plan includes the development of multiple sets of Earth ARKhives™. The Digital ARKhives™ will include science, technology, history, and art information that would be critical to the continued progress of humankind following a regional or global catastrophe. The Living ARKhives™ will store DNA from humans, animals, plants, and microbes deemed critical to the future of humanity and the Earth environment.

Earth ARKhives™ will be stored in a network of five underground Earth Ark sites located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Two additional sites are being considered in Australia and the Middle East. A site for the North America Earth Ark has been tentatively selected in Eastern Washington.

Designed to withstand any number of potential disasters, the Earth Ark sites will be linked to a Lunar Ark to be placed on the moon in 2018. The Lunar Ark will store an additional copy of the Earth ARKhives™ and will be a relay facility for communications if satellites and Earth-based systems are compromised.

Earth ARKhives™ at Earth Ark sites and onboard the Lunar Ark will be continuously updated to ensure the viability of the information stored.

A set of the Earth ARKhives™ will also be included as a time capsule onboard Starship Ark, scheduled for launch in 2020. Starship Ark will be the first interstellar craft to target a planet outside our solar system.

A Legacy for All People

Space Colony Earth will provide people throughout the world with an opportunity to become part of this historic project. By building their Family ARKhives™, they will benefit themselves and their families for generations to come, as described in the Family ARKhives™ two-minute video, “Don’t Take It with You.” But the mission of Space Colony Earth and the contributions of its participants goes further ‐ to benefit the entire human race.

About Space Colony Earth

Founder Steve Lynch and his Space Colony Earth Team have selected a Board of Advisors already numbering more than thirty professionals. Their combined expertise and stature in the scientific community underscore that Space Colony Earth is not just visionary, but grounded in the reality of what is possible. Reflecting the global importance of this effort, the Board includes members from Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and the United States, with additional advisors now under consideration.

Lynch is a native of Illinois and longtime resident of Chicago’s western suburbs. He was motivated to establish Space Colony Earth because of an extensive record of warnings from scientists that the human race needs a backup system. With over thirty-five years experience in project management and logistics, Lynch knew that tackling such an ambitious project demanded keeping the forthright wisdom of his father at the forefront of his thoughts. “Dad often told me,” Lynch says, “I can’t never did anything. Find a way to do it!’ ”

“This project will benefit all humanity,” Lynch announced, “and we will reach out around the world to get the job done.” A growing team of specialists in social networking and media will help ensure that news of this project reaches every corner of the globe.