How to get the best out of LinkedIn by Ann Elliott

How to get the best out of LinkedIn by Ann Elliott.


Look up signal on LinkedIn.


Is there a tool to analyze my LinkedIn connections?

Great tool for analyzing your LinkedIn contacts / connections.

I’m trying to understand in what categories I’m stronger and what companies I can reach out to through my connections. I have 500+ on my network and am really keen on a tool that help me to better understand them.

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Facebook adds graph search – with help from Bing

It looked like an also ran, but I don’t think everyone has grasped this yet. I’m going to let the dust settle before I tell you why I think this is a possible game changer for Facebook. I also want to see how they roll it out. I see real potential here, along the same lines as why LinkedIn is succeeding in making increasing profits where others are falling. There’s more we need to know first, but this has potential.