To Link or Not To Link, That is the Question

thin threads that grew stronger – a recurring theme on networking on LinkedIn.

A lot of these connections were as a result of connecting with strangers who then became friends


In 2012, I had a lot of stalkers. I wonder how many will disappear now "answers" has gone

In 2012, I had a lot of  exposure. I wonder how much this will change now that LinkedIn have removed “answers” from LinkedIn.


Lynn Ricci

I remember the early days of LinkedIn.  Immediately I loved the new social networking tool that allowed me to connect with present and former colleagues, although not many at that time had built profiles.  In the decade to follow, LinkedIn has become the defacto standard for professionals to connect, share, maintain contacts, and search for or post jobs.

At a recent event, I was speaking with a fellow IR practitioner who told me that their company does not allow IR to connect with people in the investment community.  The reasoning was that it would open up the door for potential bad behavior — hedge funds or portfolio managers getting a little too aggressive and checking the IR persons contacts for co-workers who they could then call for backdoor checks and additional insight into the business.

And, I also had coffee this week with a former colleague – starting to network…

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