How to become a thought leader

How to become a thought leader

Presently the buzz on social media is all about owning and creating content and then using this to become a thought leader to create and secure a strong brand. Then you utilize the brand to build influence, and the influence to drive profits through increased sales.


I think you’ll see this trend continue for 18 months until people realize what creating content is really all about, but obviously I’m not going to put that in print here. You’ll have to get to know me better and create a relationship with me to secure that trust  😉


How to use social media to land your next job

How to use social media to land your next job

Large companies want to save time in assessing potential employees, an easy way to do that is to view your profile(s) on social media.

This guide from Mashable will assist you to maximize your chances of being viewed in the most positive manner.

Things to consider

1. Ethics

2. Grammar

3. Bias you display in your posts

4. Politics, religion, racism, swearing, trolling

5. Attitude