TSU https://www.tsu.co/simonhamer

Just sent out about 10 #Skype messages. https://www.tsu.co/simonhamer

Many have been recruited under dormant leaders.
They joined under lazy, here today, gone tomorrow, folks.
They’d be better, clearing cookies, and joining again.
Whilst, I’d not suggest it, I’ve seen it so often in other businesses.

Loads are waiting to be told (it is the next #twitter or #Facebook) and therefore be convinced.

I can remember this with #twitter, many told me “you are stupid” “twitter is a waste of time” “it’ll never last” 25K followers later, last it did !

Sorry, but loads will miss out on a better #future simply because they were unwilling, lacked guidance, joined a dead team, being advised by some who are not becoming knowledgeable in #tsu.

Makes me sad, but it’ll not stop me, I’ll build a team of thousands whilst people think about it, with their not convinced recruiters saying and doing very little.

This is a real opportunity, to have a free holiday a year paid for by social media.

I’m visible on social media. My intentions are clear. Good luck everyone.

As ever, #Simon

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