London’s Tech Boom Is More Than Just Hype, The Hard Numbers Say So

Another reason for Scotland to stay in the UK. It should be noted that the gaming industry is building a great base in Wales. With both the BBC and Pinewood Studios considering building or expanding bases around the growth in Wales.


While London Technology Week may not yet rival last week’s London Fashion Week for glamour, there is real substance to the capital’s tech boom. This is why, for the first time, TechCrunch is bringing its Silicon Valley conference, Disrupt, to London this October.

A number of things are driving it. London has long acted as a “bridge” both to US tech companies entering Europe, and for European companies scaling their proposition before expanding into the US. At the same time, its proximity between the US and Asia makes it a natural home for international expansion for Continental European startups

US Investors looking to pick up cheaper bargains than in ‘bubblish’ Silicon Valley much prefer to invest in UK businesses which have all their documentation in English. One Delaware company later, and a US expansion can beckon at any time in a company’s lifecycle.

But geography is only one aspect…

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