Tile, always find your stuff back!

I’ll be buying some these for my glasses !



Everyone knows the feeling of losing something and never finding it back… Really frustrating right? From now on you can stop worrying! Buy a Tile!!

What is a Tile? A Tile is a small Bluetooth-connected device you can attach to anything you don’t want to lose. For example your bike, laptop, keys or an expensive bag for the fashion addicts among us. You can stick it to you belongings or attach it with a string or something.


You can track your Tile with your iPhone when you are within 150 feet of the device. Yes only with an iPhone, that is the downside of the app. When you are more then 150 feet away from your tile you can report it as a ‘Lost item’ in the Tile app. When someone is close, their phone will send a text to your phone with GPS information about your belongings. The person who…

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