Study: LinkedIn Most Popular Social Networking Site Among CEOs

If you want to learn more about LinkedIn just use the Help section under your profile picture and research something each day. It is crammed with useful information on how to maximize your use.

BusinessLeadershipManagement (BLM)

When it comes to social media, one of the least active demographics is top-level CEOs. This may not be surprising to most, knowing that CEOs are very busy people with little time for distractions like social networking; in fact, a new study released August 3, 2013 by finds that less than one-third of Fortune 500 CEOs have any type of social networking account. But of those CEOs who have affiliated themselves with social media, 32 percent have hooked up with Linkedin. “LinkedIn Taps the Toughest Social Media Demographic: CEOs,” blogger Liz Ernst looks at the study’s findings and what they say about the online acuity of the business world’s chief operating officers.

Titled “The 2013 Social CEO Report Are America’s Top CEOs Getting More Social?” the study states that CEOs are often highly motivated and driven to succeed at any cost, and seldom allow themselves to be distracted…

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