The Week in Social: #payback for BA, @ministryofsound vs @Spotify and @SenJohnMcCain’s war games.

Nice summary of the week #trends

Expect more customer service complaint use of twitter #twitter #socialchange

Enda Guinan | Social

The internet is for three things: cats, porn and complaining. One Twitter user pays to get his point across to British Airways, Ministry of Sound sues Spotify to find out if playlist sequences can be copyrighted. And having moaned about both of these fine businesses in the past, I grab my popcorn and eagerly wait for developments.

The Week In Social 06 Sept John McCAin Poker British AIrways Promoted Tweet Spotify sued by Ministry of Sound

#payback. By now, we’ve become used to seeing brands using Promoted Tweets to snag an eye-catching position in our Twitter timelines to expand their conversation/market their wares. Promoted Tweets are essentially advertisements that can target Twitter users by keywords, interest, geography and device. One chap, majorly ticked off with British Airways’ silence (the irony!) after losing his dad’s luggage, decided to promote his Tweet to their followers in the US and UK.

Just when brands think they…

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