Life and the simple joys of being alive

On Monday I attended The Brunts Academy Award evening as a parent of a hard working child, and as a Governor. I was entertained and excited to see the children who had worked hard all year be recognized for their efforts, the free running display, the choir, several performing arts, and lastly the friend of my daughter speak from the platform. I could feel myself grinning inwardly, and that repeating theme in my life echoed in my head, “this is what life is really all about, succeeding by working together”

On Tuesday, I visited a premises in Forest Town just off a normal street, hidden away was almost a village green scenario. It was a lovely sunny evening and we were made welcome by the host. Another happy Sheffield person running a small business.

It is Wimbledon week and watching Andy Murray and Laura Robson win has been a real joy. Tennis has moved on so much, but the maths of commentators has not … there was commentary on the average speed of ground strokes in the men’s game. The percentages quoted were not near accurate in any way…. made me smile.

On Thursday I was in the kitchen making an evening drink, and movement caught my eye. For the first time in years we had a hedgehog in our back garden. I quickly fetched Joe and Cheryl to have a look. He looked a young hedgehog, he looked well fed, we called him “Mr Prickles”. No wonder our slugs have diminished in our very damp back garden. We tried to feed him, but he’d moved on. The following morning even the foxes had not eaten our corn beef, but the magpies soon devoured it.

Friday was a planning day – but not everything went to plan. In our conservatory is the old grate cover, which would have been outside prior to the building of the glass structure. After 90 years this has rusted through, leaving a hole, which we promptly stepped through. I’d ordered a piece of 10mm mild steel plate to replace it from Inman’s in Sheffield, where Vicky one of Hamer Goodlad’s former employees runs her business. The plan was to set off early, do Mum’s shopping and then pop in to see Vicky, and pick up the plate. My planning was perfect, I set off early, but other planners had not planned so well. On the A60 into Mansfield from Nottingham it had been decided that at the traffic lights at the entrance to  two major supermarkets, they would do work … so the A60 was down to 1 lane from 2, and the exit from the supermarkets was also restricted from 1 lane from 2. They decided Friday was the best day to do this …. “really” ! The supermarket car park was “log jammed”. What normally takes me 10 minutes took 50 minutes. 

Friday night I went to Newark North Gate Railway Station to collect my daughter and 3 of her friends after her trip to London, assisted by Mrs Nav our Sat Nav. Arrived early, and just sat and enjoyed Supertramp – Crisis What Crisis whilst waiting for their train to arrive. No one in the station itself, automated doors, CCTV cameras, leaflets and screens. Quite a clinical feel to the inside of the station, but one that was prim and tidy.

Another fun week.

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