Can an app help you be a better person?

One for the weekend and holidays


Between scales that tweet your weight loss progress and apps that track your running times, it’s clear there’s a desire for social devices and apps that can encourage, motivate and produce results for people trying to get physically healthier. But can an app designed to turn you into a better, more adventurous or accomplished person produce real results too?

Everest dreams appThat’s what the founder of an iOS(s AAPL) app called Everest is trying to prove. Everest is a goals app, and as the name implies, it’s aimed at people trying to conquer something. You sign up, list life goals (short- and long-term) that you want to accomplish, and publicize them within the app’s network so that fellow travelers with similar goals or who have accomplished those things can offer encouragement through comments and congratulations. The person with the goal can also post updates or pictures of how they’re making progress on…

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