Are you LinkedIn?

Good to see people enjoying LinkedIn, but I’d not say LinkedIn was a new network, but I would say it was vibrant and thriving.


Are you LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a more professional social network. It focuses mostly on professional experience and expertise.

I didn’t realize how popular it was till I made an account and found a lot of people I knew. It seems to me like a much more mature Facebook, which is very cool.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to make a profile and put information about your personal life or business life. You can show your work experience and sell yourself to other followers.

If you have a business you are wanting to start, this is a great place to do it! You can advertise to all your followers and add as many followers as possible. This gives you a chance to interact with future clients or co-workers.

Another element recommends to others, and you can do the same with your friends on the network. If your wanting to let everyone and anyone about…

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