3 Key Skills Which Give Introverts a Networking Advantage

Let’s hear it for the reserved people.

Career Transition: The Inside Job

Anne Bryant, MA, LPC
Anne has thirty years of experience offering practical skills and support to people experiencing transitions in their careers and personal lives. Openings available for individual and group sessions.

3 Key Skills Which Give Introverts a Networking Advantage

Last February I wrote 9 Networking Tips for Introverts, Part I. These are hallmarks of the preference for introversion, which describe one quarter of the population:

  • Focusing attention on your own inner world of ideas and experiences
  • Gaining energy from reflecting on your thoughts and feelings
  • Recharging your batteries by spending time alone
  • Preferring to have fewer, deeper relationships over many casual acquaintances
  • Thinking things through privately before discussion
  • Acting deliberately after time to reflect

This blog is about how to turn introversion in to an asset while searching for your next job or career. Even mild introverts can feel at a disadvantage because extroverts…

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