52 Weeks of Inspiring Illustrations, Week 48: the Trajectory of the Photographic Medium

Black and white photography old style … and great

Echoes from the Vault

Over the past year staff from the Special Collections Division have been putting together posts highlighting ‘Inspiring Illustrations’ of material in our collections. Representing the Photographic Collection, I chose to conduct a survey of photographic media in order to underline the unique characteristics of individual photographic processes and plant the seed of interest for further investigation in our readers. Hopefully, demystifying photographic media has inspired the connoisseurship of the finer distinctions between the photographs which inhabit our archives, museums, albums, scrapbooks, shoeboxes, CDs, hard drives and cloud storage accounts.

This, my last post of this series, is a timely one as just two Fridays ago the UK government has proposed the closure of the country’s National Media Museum in Bradford which houses some the nation’s and the world’s most prized photographic heritage. If one asked a cross-section of the public to underline what are the most important artistic and visual…

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