Sorry Mr. Google! I Don’t Need You Anymore for Traffic Generation


googleanal_1Admit it! Creating a blog is easy but maintaining it always proves to be an uphill battle. And generating significant amount of traffic further adds to the pain. Improving the traffic influx on your WP site or blog is an art. A dab of creativity along with a dash of SEO knowledge- this is all you need to lure visitors to your blog. This post works out 5 legitimate ways to increase the number of visitors on your blog. But before we jump onto them, here’s something you must be mindful about.

A Reminder…Just referring to different traffic generation methods isn’t enough. You need to implement them as well and most importantly you need to be consistent in your efforts. Remember, you are competing with more than 50 million blogs out there and you need to focus on the 371 Million visitors who are viewing these blogs regularly. Thus…

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