Why LinkedIn is an Invaluable Tool for Job Seekers

LinkedIn has its uses !


With a database of over 200-million active members, LinkedIn is a social media platform job seekers cannot afford to overlook. In fact, a recent study revealed that recruiters troll LinkedIn 97% of the time when asked to fill a position. While there are many other sites to promote one’s abilities and build a network, LinkedIn is one of the only places to connect with recruiters and hiring officials professionally — and with impact.

A LinkedIn profile is essentially a resume on steroids: it is current, user-friendly, interactive, and multimedia oriented. Candidates may include links, photos, and videos, ultimately portraying who they are and what they strive to achieve in their professional career. What many job seekers are unaware of, however, is that companies and recruiters invest in corporate packages, meaning these individuals have numerous tools at their disposal, all of which will help them search, refine, and locate qualified prospects.

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