5 simple rules every LinkedIn user should follow.

Worthy of a read.

Old people. New technology.

In my first blog post, I told you what a fan I was of LinkedIn. For professionals who depend on finding even the most minute connections and enterprising upon those connections–job seekers, PR professionals, fundraising guys and gals–LinkedIn is ideal.

However, I’ve found that the majority of users of LinkedIn are amateur users. So, if you’ve signed up for LinkedIn and are now wondering what to do next, I implore you to keep in mind these 5 tips:

1) Get a professional headshot
If you are old enough to use LinkedIn, you are old enough to invest in a professional headshot. I am so surprised by how many “professionals” touting so much work and life experience upload a quick selfie of themselves posed at their desk. This is your RESUME. Would you attach that same photo if you were mailing out a resume to a potential employer? Refer to…

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