The 12 tips to using LinkedIn more effectively

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12 LinkedIn tipsRecently I had to pair down a LinkedIn class which was 2 hours long to less than an hour.  Now considering that the full class was jammed full of information that I wouldn’t leave out, this was a task and a half.  So I thought about what the most important things are from the perspective of someone who does not use it very often and would most likely need the crib notes.  These would have to be the most important things to know and /or the handy-to-know things.  So I pulled out my proverbial information scissors and shredded my class into the following bullets.  Here are the 12 most important things to know about using your LinkedIn account.

  1. Make sure your profile is as close to 100% as possible- all pieces are equally important.  Take the time to fill it out.  Sometimes it is the 1st impression people have of…

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