7 Steps to Build Your Social Media Brand

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Freshmen in Life

We are supposed to be the digital generation. Facebook, texting, Twitter, and Instagram are a big part of our social lives. Our iPhones have a seat at every meal with us and can by found without fail on our bedside table- maybe even slumbering in our hands after some late-night Facebooking.

Social media is so integrated into our daily habits that I think we forget how to use it purposefully. For better or worse, we have come to the point where you are outwardly defined by your appearance on social media– especially in the professional world. Your online presence can tank your reputation or boost your professional street cred.

Putting some solid thought into your personal brand online can reap sweet rewards. It could help you land a job in your desired field, build a broader professional network, or boost credibility in your current position. Even if you don’t…

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