The Other Side of LinkedIn


Always remember your online profile is there to help you maintain and build relationships, act, react and post with those things in mind.

Originally posted on CGA CareerView:

I get to meet and speak with countless students and groups of students who are about to commence their career searches. One question I always ask is, “Are you on LinkedIn?”

studentoncomputerI’m pleased to report that the majority of graduating students have at least started to build their LinkedIn profile. However, I still find that many students are only aware of one side of LinkedIn – the side most like a job board, a place where you create a profile or post a resumé and hope for employers to connect with you. Yes, this aspect is powerful and has revolutionized the world of online job boards. But there is another side to LinkedIn that job seekers should be aware of.

It’s the side where we can build an incredibly effective network; the side where we can tap into a rich resource  of career information and connections to facilitate career development…

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