AppGratis Won’t Be The Last To Fall As Apple Moves To Keep Charts Pure And Avoid Stores-Within-A-Store


Apple will reportedly be pruning the App Store more in the wake of its decision to remove AppGratis, the French startup that just recently raised $13.5 million for its app promotion and discovery platform. According to sources speaking to AllThingsD, others will soon find their App Store privileges revoked as part of a general clean-up.

AppGratis founder Simon Dawlat expressed “total disbelief” when his app was removed, but no one operating in this space should be completely surprised by the decision. After all, a very similar thing happened back in 2011, when Apple decided that incentivized downloads, which often offered in-game credits to players who would download another title from a publisher or one of their partners. That scheme was seen to have negatively affected App Store rankings, by artificially bubbling up titles with little redeeming value.

Then, back in October, I wrote about how Apple had tweaked its developer…

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