Found this thanks to Rami Kantari

20130214 digitalmarketingOver the past 2 years, we have seen a surge in activities across various social media platforms by companies big and small. Some of them use Facebook to extend their offline presence, such as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called Chase Community Giving by Chase Manhattan Bank in the US. Others use Youtube to raise their brand awareness, such as the recent video clip showing flight attendants from The Philippine’s Cebu Pacific dancing to the tune of Lady Gaga.

While these are all examples of successful business-led social media campaigns, not too many companies appear to have a coherent strategy to monetize their social media presence. This leads to skepticism on whether social media is a viable business channel – or indeed, if businesses should even use social media to sell. I believe brands that embrace social media in a genuine and responsive way can build a very powerful…

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