The effects of momentum on a business.


As Facebook’s growth began to accelerate exponentially in 2009 and 2010 and its platform began to emerge, the opportunities for businesses to leverage and apply its social graph in other industries seemed endless. In particular, many saw the social graph as having a fundamentally disruptive influence on eCommerce and it was about that time that investors and entrepreneurs began dumping lots of time and money into building new online storefronts on top of and around Facebook’s burgeoning platform.

One of the many startups playing in this space was Yardsellr, a startup created by former eBay executives, which aspired to become the “eBay for Facebook” — without the auctions. In 2010, the startup raised $5 million from Accel and when TechCrunch caught up with Yardsellr in the fall of 2011, things seemed to be looking up.

At the time, the social commerce platform claimed that it had grown into…

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