Banking via smart phones

There’s a trend here, watch Dwolla and Square up grow like crazy over this coming year.


Some consolidation in the world of mobile payments and mobile banking: mFoundry is getting acquired by FIS for $120 million. FIS — a banking and payment provider that works with some 14,000 banks worldwide — already had a 22% stake in the company; today’s deal will see it paying for the remaining 78% in cash, for a total valuation of $162-$165 million. mFoundry provides mobile banking and mobile payment solutions to some 850 banks and retailers, including Bank of America and Starbucks, which uses some of mFoundry’s technology to enable mobile payments, which complements the partnership that Starbucks has with Square.

The valuation includes cash in reserves at mFoundry as well as stock options, TechCrunch understands. The deal is expected to close between two and four weeks and may see further final adjustments in price.

Investors in mFoundry included companies like GRP Partners,Intel, Motorola and MasterCard; in…

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