Quora and Medium – curation engines ?


Certainly a subject that will be discussed, with #LIQA disappearing and Facebook’s questions gone, these sites certainly have less competition.

Originally posted on paidContent (old):

It’s become almost conventional wisdom by now that the rise of social-media tools and networks like Twitter and Facebook (s fb) have killed blogging, but you wouldn’t know it by the number of blog-like services that have sprung up recently, including Medium (from former Twitter CEO Evan Williams) and the new blog features launched by the question-and-answer community Quora. In a recent blog post about at this phenomenon, Hunter Walk of YouTube argues that these platforms are “the rebirth of content farms” — but it’s probably more instructive to see them as curation engines.

Content farms appeared on the scene several years ago, as publishers tried to figure out how to drive search traffic to their websites, since Google had become one of the top traffic sources in the industry. As SEO or search-engine optimization became a crucial part of the business, some took this principle to its logical…

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