Speaktoit Assistant, a Siri alternative that also competes with a host of other AI and natural language-driven ‘personal assistants’, such as Maluuba, is rolling out a premium version of its mobile app to let users teach it new commands. Debuting first on Android and costing $2 per month or $20 per year (which, frankly, seems slightly on the high side) it enables the way you interact with Speaktoit to be customized, essentially changing the expected input and resulting output when speaking to the app.

So, for example, you could teach your phone to pull up its camera when you say the word “cheese”, read the news when you say “what’s the latest?” or search Google Maps when you say “where is the nearest gas station?” — three examples cited by the Intel Capital-backed startup.

The idea, says Speaktoit, is to put the personal back into personal assistant. And…

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