Top 10 Digital issues in 2013

Top 10 Digital issues in 2013

From Don’s article based on facts

“In November Facebook accounted for 10% of all the time spent online in the US, attracting 150 million unique visitors. LinkedIn was next, with 41 million visitors in November.”

These figures underline LinkedIn’s profit growth.

If there were 41 million unique visitors in the US (with 200M users globally), you could probably double that usage figure globally. If you look at this link when LinkedIn had 147M  members only 58.5 million were from the US.


Compare this with so called answers posted online, on LinkedIn, by “experts” it becomes quite amusing. I paraphrase the answers (but accurately) from a recent question.

 “Topped 200M. That means when you remove the duplicates, the spammers / scammers / gamers, you are left with at least 2M.”

“it is a niche social media platform.”

Enough said.


Is it any wonder that about three years ago LinkedIn decided to hide the Q&A section under “More” and there are now only about 200 questions a day asked on LinkedIn’s section.

In a nutshell, be careful who you listen to when the word expert is used, when tied to social media. Social media changes daily, yesterday’s training, is today’s useless facts.

The key to succeeding in the use of social media is to spot the trends and think where you need to place your business to match the effects of those trends, looking two years forward.

Happy hunting.



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