Useful information about what is needed to deal with social media after the passing of a loved one.


I had a shock last week, when LinkedIn suggested I might like to connect with a friend who had, sadly, passed away three years ago. David and I had worked together for several years and become friends before he eventually succumbed to cancer.

On seeing his name on my screen, my first thought was for David’s family and close friends who also have LinkedIn accounts. How many of them must have had a similar experience over those years, and how distressing must it have been? My next thoughts were how much longer this might go on and what I could do about it.

According to LinkedIn’s comprehensive help centre, I need to complete a ‘Verification of Death’ form. So far, so good, but then comes the catch:

“This form requires an email address registered to the deceased member’s account. Without this important piece of information, we will not be able…

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