In the blue white and red corner representing the UK, Simon Hamer, a fan of LinkedIn

In the blue white and red corner representing the UK, Simon Hamer, a fan of LinkedIn

I’m a huge lover of our sea bound mammals, we watched them live three times in the late 80’s and early 90’s in Canada’s coastal waters. Watching the great work that Michael Q Todd has done, and with these creatures, I happily chipped in to vote for him in the shorty awards.

I then browsed the site and was disappointed to see that the category for the UK was splashed mostly with people I’d never heard of, it annoyed me a little. More “fame without claim” . So, I just posted out my annoyance on Facebook, and the ripple started.

Firstly a good friend from Denmark now living in the UK, asked me for my handle. I responded, she voted, then she put it in a secret group with a few more friends. Another vote followed soon after … and I started to realize I could get on the leaders page.

Why bother?

Well in simple terms it is like the comparison between Bobby Moore and John Terry, both played for England both were defenders and good at it. However, as people they are incomparable, and recently I’m a little fed up of having the country I love being represented by low quality people.

When we held the Olympics we were blessed with Lord Sebastian Coe as the lead of our ambassadors to host the bid for these games in London 2012. We also had the idiot, Mitt Romney who had less class than any Republican candidate ever before him, saying he was not sure whether we could run them or not, 47% of American’s probably believed him. He probably believes that guns are better than knives. “Enough Simon, move on.”

I represent what I believe is the spirit of the games makers in the UK in social media, what do I mean. Well, I answer questions on LinkedIn for complete strangers, and I’ve been doing so for over 5 years. I do it to help others knowing if I feel good about myself it will show through and naturally I’ll have sufficient for my needs. When LinkedIn hit 100M members, I was honoured to be asked to be featured on the LinkedIn site.

I’m proud of the help I’ve given others, and I run my business processes on collaboration not competition. I win by WIN WIN.


If I’ve affected you and you’d like to give me a thank you, or know of my efforts on social media, please take 30 seconds of your time to register a vote on the shorty awards. Category #UK.

Thanks in anticipation

As ever, Simon


PS I’m from the same city as Lord Coe and Jessica Ennis, Sheffield



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