Voice assistant technology so those of us with big thumbs and clumsy typing can function more easily in the technological new world.


Nuance Communications(s nuan) is sticking its voice recognition technology into a lot of products, from its own smartphone and PC personal assistants to connected TV and cars. Though all of those devices share the same natural language understanding (NLU) technology, none of them are interconnected. You’re car doesn’t know what you’re telling your TV, which is equally unaware of the movie search you just performed on your mobile phone.

Now Nuance, however, plans to break down those barriers between its separate platforms, and focus on what it’s calling “intelligent systems.” The idea is to create a personal assistant that will persist beyond the interface, that can be accessed anywhere from the cloud, said Matt Revis, VP and GM of Nuance’s handset division. “We want to unify the personal assistance experience across form factors,” Revis told GigaOM.

As part of that intelligent systems effort, Nuance is trying to delve deeper…

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