Apple certainly has the trust of the users. These are excellent figures given that there are differentials in price between the two operating systems which the prices favour android. (favour is the UK spelling)


Apple(s aapl) sold more than half of the smartphones in the U.S. between mid-October (just after the iPhone 5 hit stores) and the end of November, according to a new research report published Monday by Kantar Worldpanel Comtech. While Apple’s rise during one of its historically strongest periods — right after the release of a new iPhone — isn’t that surprising, it’s interesting to see how those new devices are divided among the major U.S. carriers.

AT&T(s T), the U.S. carrier that’s offered the iPhone the longest, actually had the biggest year over year bump in iOS device sales. Smartphones made up 35.4 percent of all AT&T sales during the 12 weeks ending Nov. 25, inching up from the 30.9 percent during the same period in 2011. And while AT&T is selling more smartphones, it’s also selling more iPhones: its iOS device share was 71.8 percent from mid-October to…

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