Want better Wi-Fi? Maybe you just need a better router.

Worth a review of your systems.

Often if you are with a major supplier the threat of a move will provide you with a better modem and advice on the best routers.


With the explosion of connected devices in our home and more web-based services running in the background, foreground and even in the actual ground if you have some kind of Wi-Fi based garden sensor system, your router may be the most essential piece of equipment you don’t know that you own. Most people tend to stick with the wireless router their broadband provider gave them, but between MIMO, dual-band offerings and fancy software, they’ve come a long way.

And the new StreamBoost technology from Qualcomm Atheros wants to take them even further. Qualcomm Atheros is adding intelligence to the router as well as a cloud-based service that will allocate your limited home bandwidth to certain applications. Alienware and D-Link are the announced partners that plan to use this technology in their gear, and the technology should be available in commercial routers in spring. The cloud-based service tracks how…

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2 thoughts on “Want better Wi-Fi? Maybe you just need a better router.

  1. Although I know that the protocols should make it so that every device on the standard communicates the same, I have noticed that some devices ‘talk’ better to some WAP’s than others. A bit of testing can make a noticeable difference.

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