Survey: Despite initial missteps, mobile payments will boom in 2013

You have to love this trend !


This year the mobile wallet was a bust here in the U.S., but a panel of 200 mobile industry execs, developers and insiders think mobile payments will be among the most compelling consumer applications in 2013, along with social networking and location apps.

According to the new survey conducted by Chetan Sharma Consulting, mobile payments and commerce will not only get big but they’ll be powered largely by the old-school financial companies. The survey’s participants appear to have arrived at the conclusion that the carriers, Google(s goog) and even trendy new startups like Square had their chance to jumpstart mobile payments and largely blew it. Now Visa, the banks and more established online payment companies like PayPal(s ebay) will clean up their mess.

Sharma mobile survey payments

When polled, 50 percent of Sharma’s panel identified financial institutions and PayPal as the companies most likely to dominate the m-commerce/payments…

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