U.K. Digital Entertainment Sales Top £1 Billion for First Time

The digital world has been adopted by the UK. It is official.

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But weaker physical music, TV, film and video game sales lead to an overall home entertainment sales drop of 12 percent for 2012.

U.K. home entertainment sales dropped 12 percent in 2012 as lower physical sales of music, TV shows, films and video games outweighed an 11.4 percent digital gain that pushed digital sales above the £1 billion mark for the first time.

Digital sales now account for almost a quarter of the overall market with $1.68 billion (£1.03 billion), according to data from the Entertainment Retailers Association.

Physical sales of CDs, DVDs and video game discs fell 17.6 percent, pushing overall home entertainment sales down 12 percent to $6.86 billion (£4.21 billion), it said.

Digital music sales rose 15.1 percent to $625 million (£383 million), a figure that excludes sales from online streaming services such as Spotify. Digital video sales rose 20.3 percent to $160 million (£97.9 million). Digital…

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