Just Be Yourself

It is much easier to be true to others about who you are than avoid it… the other nice thing is that people self sort, and you end up dealing with kindred spirits. It has been a complete joy to me, great post, try it everyone !

It Is A Social World

Social MediaBeing genuine counts for a lot in the Social Media world. This does not mean anything goes. Just let you personality show through and it will help add the human element to your content. After all, it is ‘SOCIAL’ Media.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when getting more personal with your posts.

1 – Take a couple of deep breaths before posting. Especially if you have having an emotional minute (good or bad) at the time you compose your message. Take a breather to consider any consequences. Too many times people regret as soon as they hit that submit button.

2 – Acknowledge others. If someone is going to go to the trouble of commenting, liking or sharing you post show them your appreciation. Otherwise they may think you never noticed that they made some type of response.

3 – Keep it clean

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