Agree completely !


Waking UpNothing has changed …

Politics as usual with our collective futures …  

Grandstanding and last-minute deals because power is more important than results.  Nothing has been actually fixed.  Our politicians are not accountable because we do not hold them accountable.  We choose partisan politics over the common good. 

Families in Connecticut and elsewhere still grieve …  

Our culture, which promotes individual freedoms over individual safety and which maintains a serious disregard for mental health, has a poor track record in dealing with events such as Sandy Hook. 

Speaking of Short-Attention Disorder …

The latest celebrity watch issue is about some young woman who got married and is apparently now ending the marriage inside a month.   This is headline news?

Everything has changed …

Alternatives are appearing …

An increasing number of people appear fed up with our current political structure.   Those who support alternatives, such as…

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