Facebook vs. Twitter: Reinvent Yourself

My personal thoughts are that Facebook has lost some of its affinity with me for deciding for me what I will and won’t see. Thought the article stimulated thoughts about our use of different sites, and our perception of those sites differs greatly.

Franklin McMahon

Really interesting series of three blog posts, two discussing Facebook vs Twitter and one going over the process of reinvention. It’s best to read them all to get a sense of the scope:

Matt Haughey – Why I love Twitter and barely tolerate Facebook

Jason Kottke – Twitter is a machine for continual self-reinvention

Scott Schuman – After One Year In New York – Kara

I have been wondering myself why Facebook and Twitter feel so different, and how most of us have strong ties to one or the other. These articles do a good job of showing how Facebook is rooted in the past, with your detailed history, while Twitter is more immediate and allows you to sculpt your personality more the way you would like to.

twitter vs facebook kara reinvent yourself

photos by  Scott Schuman

I was an early fan of Twitter (joined in 2007) when it used to be a side project of…

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