7 stories to read this weekend


The doctor, the CIA and Bin Laden … now read the whole thing…..

Originally posted on Gigaom:

I am off next week, so this is the last Om Says email for 2012. I don’t really have any profound thoughts or big observations about 2012. Instead, all I have is a promise to bring you better stuff to read, every weekend.

  • The doctor, the CIA and the blood of Bin Laden: A really great old-school, behinds-the-scene story told by Matthieu Aikins in the pages of GQ.
  • Social media and the devolution of friendship: As you sit with your family and friends this holiday week, it might be a good time to reevaluate and rethink online relationships and the meaning they carry.  I don’t necessarily agree with the writer, but don’t disagree with her either, for her observations do ring true.
  • Tick Tock Tick Tock: Really great story about master horologist John Metcalfe and how he repairs clocks. This is good stuff, especially if you are a…

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